May God protect us both, as teacher and student, during the journey of awakening our knowledge.

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Our mission is to guide others through the journey of The Self in dedicated Yoga space in an atmosphere that is supportive of all beings and to create a Sacred Space where all Yoga Teachers can come together in support of each other and our Yoga Community.


Bringing groups together to practice yoga will forge a bond that will create lasting memories. This is especially nice for a healthy gathering of friends, family reunions, staff or employees  and wedding parties. If you would like to host a yoga retreat or special event, contact us and we will make it happen. 


Studying the Yoga Sutras and sharing them, along with related readings, is an unique aspect of all of my classes.  With this Blog I hope to give you some insight into my classes and especially into me, with the hope that you will be compelled to join me on this beautiful journey.  

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